I get a strange feeling, when I pass some stones along the highway, and in a moment recognize the leftovers from the walls of a once significant military castle. A place probarbly built by slaves, and defended by local soldiers or even temple knights in the glory of the christian age.

On my way from the Nort towards Valenchia, I saw the remaining walls of such a place on a small hilltop, along with two watchtowers on the sides ov the hill. I just had to stop. I found my way up from an open spot on an olive-plant at the foot of the hill. There was no path uphiull, so I just fought my up way trough some hostile plants that did their best to remove the skin from my unprotected legs.

At the top of the hill I found that the castle had been bigger than I thought - but that only some few remains were left of the outer walls. When I investigated the watchtowers I found that there had been protective walls from the castle and down to the towers as well, but only a few stones from those walls were left.

I experienced a magnificent view over the farmland and costline from the castle. I also discovered that there were built two machinegun/watchguard-bunkers on the northside of the upper castle - probarbly remains from the Spanish Civil War. - Wich means that the castle had extended it's military significance until recently.

I visited a few of the maintained castles along the roads, but they were all closed when I was there. A shame really, as I was passing by in the high-season for tourism, and several of the cities obviously depended on the tourism generated by their local castle.

The only Spanish castle I have visited, was the castle of Alicate. It had traces of military activity back to the bronce-age, and it featured some impressive walls and defences from several acient time periods. Unfortunately, the city of Alicante has misplaced naval canons (some produced just before WW2) at the castle for the amusements of tourists, and there was in fact very little left of the original equipment, except for the walls. If you visit a major castle in Norway, you will find authentic canons, and authentic weapons and armor in the museum. (In the castle of Bergen you can even find natives dressed up like warriors from the 12th century, fighting with swords and spears and armor from that age).