Alongside the british influence, there is a significant minority of colored people, and white people who have lived there for some generations. In Norway, where there are colored people, you usually find getthos, and a distinct seperation between cultures. I did not see any trace of that in Benidorm. It seemed like skin-color was insignificant - something that in my opinion is a very good thing.

It seems like Benidorm is living by the tourist industry. There are lot's and lot's of clubs and street resturants, and the sikdewalks are crowded with small stands that offer cloaths, swimwear and beach equipment, souvenirs and toys. There are also lots of shops with the same stuff. I found one that specialized in swords and armour, and were quite happy about some steel gloves made for knights. I'm part of a group in Norway who practice acient marshall arts with wiking-swords, spears and axes, and am in need of just such steel gloves. But to my disapointment, they appered to be fake. Just some souvenirs to put on the wall :/

Benidorm also have sex-shops on every second corner, offering overpriced DVD's (gay, lesbian, hetero, s/m, bondage, animals and even bikini-videos with little girls) and dildo's and all kinds of kinky stuff. You might expect that in a place crowded with kids (in the summer all the grandparents bring all their children, grand and grand-grand children), the sex-shops would be somewhat descret. Well, think again! In Benidorm you will find signs everywhere pointing to the nearest sex-shop! You will also find lighters shaped as erected boy-penises and full-sized dildos on every second sidwalk stand you pass. It's a bit shocking when you first crashland here - but guess what? You get used to it pretty fast, and you don't find lot's of traumarized kids running and yelling in the streets. In fact, the kids don't seems to be annoyed by all this sex-stuff at all. The boys may blush and whisper; daddy, look! the first time they see a postcard with a big, red wet pussy, but then they seems alot more interested in the pinball-gun or diving-set just alongside the postcards. After a few hours they don't react at the sex-effects at all. That's how it works in a country without a sex-hysteria. Remember that this primarely are english children from England! If anyone had showed the same kids this stuff _in_ England, they would have been lynched by a mob, and the childrden sent to psycological treatment for years.

In the beaches of Benidorm, artists creates great sand-sculpures. Then they sit by their artwork for weeks, collecting money from the tourists. Many of the sculptures are religious (at leat in the winter), while others are funny, or even taken from comics, like the Simpsons. The sculptures are absolutely made by professional, skilled artists.

As mentioned before, the beaches are wonderful. They are however not cleaned every night like many other of the large tourist-beaches in Spain. That means that there are lots of litter in the sand. Especially filters from cigarettes and plastic and paper from candys. There are also lots of cigarette-filters in the water,, something that drags the experience a little down. Except from that, the water is clean and blue and wonderful to swim. People also behaves well at the beaches. There are places to rest and just lay in the sun and relax, and also places to play ball. The whole thing seems well planned and thought over. One thing I miss at the beaches are showers. There are foot-showers, so that you can get the sea-water and sand off your feets - but if you have a long way to the hotel, it would be convenient to be able to shower right there on the beach, and then go eat in the town. As it is now, you first have to go to the hotel. And if your hotel is far away - you may have to walk quite a while just to get to your car. I parked my rented car a 10 minutes walk from the beach.

The nightlife in Benidorm is great. There are clubs to fit most desires, including pubs, discos and more exotic places. There is even a gay district! I felt obligated to check this out! The first place I came to was small, - just a single room with a bar and a few tables. The walls were filled with advertizements for a disco on the other side of town. And the bar-prices were obscene: 5 euros for a Martini. The people in the place were mostely single men in their mid twentys to fourties, waiting for Prince Charming to come by. So I left. The next place was bigger, but with just a few old men sitting at the tables. It had a few dark-rooms (rooms without light where men can have anonymous sex), wich you could not access until you had bought something at the bar. So I left that one too. The third place was a little more friendly. They even had a poorn-video going in the entrance to the dark-rooms. But the place was almost empty, - and I was really not up for anonymous sex anyway. So I left that place to, whithout wasting more time or any money. The gay-district was alot more anonymous than the sex-shops. If it was not for the Internet, I would not have found it at all. Outside parents walked with their kids, totally unaware of the sinful dark-rooms only a few meters from their sholders.

Benidorm have some major attractions, like a water-park for kids, a circus, a water-zoo (dolphins) and probarbly a few more. I've not visited either of them yet. It's not that fun to visit such places when you're alone. I may bring a friend next time I'm in Spain, and give an updated report then.

The food served in the local resturants are generally very good. The menus shows the meals in pictures, so that you know what you order no matter what language you speak. Brilliant!

There are also an old city in the middle olf the town. That is the real Benidorm, where the locals live. I spent quite some time there, and took lot's of pictures of people and buildings. Unfortunately, almost noone spoke any english, so I did'nt make any friends. The only one I met there who understood at leatst _some_ english was an 10-12 year old black boy.

Benidorm has alot to offer tourists. I checked into a one star hotel 1 minutes walk from the beach and stayed there for three days. The room was way to hot to use at daytime, and since the shower was in the same room as the bed, it was also extreemly wet and unplesent. They charged 48 Euros a night, which is pretty expensive for a room like that. Fortunetely, Benidorm had so much to offer that I only took a few showers a day and slept for a few holurs at night at the hotel.