I noticed him one night near the beach in Benidorm. He was wearing an instrument, and was obviously preparing for work on the streets, - at a time when other kids his age would go to sleep. Seconds later he was sitting at the sidewalk with his sister. I took a photo. He approahed me and asked if I spoke English. I confirmed that, whereas he told me that he was very poor and hungry, and in danger of spending the night otside, at the beach. I knew that he was lying, and that getting money from wealthy tourist was his trade. Anyhow, I gave him 5 euros (about US$ 5) and moved on. When I was moving away, I thought about the kids, and decided to find out more about them. I quicly found them, now with an older lady and a man, probarbly their fater. They moved between the outdoor market stands at the street right alongside the beach, dressing up with hats and fake jewlery.

Then the kids walked over to an outdoor resturant. The boy played on his instrument, while the little girl moved between the tables, collecting money. In the shadows of the street, the older lady was watching them, and signalling when to leave for the next resturant.

I followed them for an hour. Deeply covered by the shadows of the night, sometimes outside, sometimes from inside a bar or a resturant. When they suddenly approached the resturant from which I was watching them, I moved into the toilet and waited for the boy's music to fade away. The old witch was also watching over the children, as the evil stepmother of the fairytails. But she did not spot me.

The woman signalled them to leave the resturant, and turned her back to them and moved towards the next one. For a second, she could not watch over them. I grabbed the chance, and moved quicly into the light and took a few new pictures. The kids posed willingly, and the little girl approaced me and asked for money. I said that I'd already payed 5 euros, and about that time the boy recognized me. He came over and sad that the girl did not understood any english. I tried to speek with him for a moment, but realized that he did not speek english at all - he had just memorized a few sentences to beg money on the streets. I took out my notebook and wrote down www.jgaa.com. The boy did not understand at all. Then I wrote Internet below - and now he lightened up. - Me, picture, Internet? he asked. - Yes I answered. And for a moment he glowed, proud and happy. - Me on the Internet! He had probarbly never evenr used the Net, - but he had heared about it, and suddenly he new that he would be there somewhere in the cyberjunge, alongside the celibrities and all the popstars.

I'll probarbly never see or hear from him again. But I will keep my promise, and put his pictures on the Net. So wherever he is, and whatever he does, he will always be a star on the Net. And the old, evil witch will not be able to take that from him. Not ever.