And so I did. I took quite some pictures that afternoon, and the boys really seemed to enjoyed it. I told that I would put the pictures on the Internet, something that really exited them. I met them the next few days too, and below you will find some of the pictures taken.

The third day, I met them at a plaza, where two older med got real pissed by the noise and exitement. I don't know if they thought I was going to fuck the boys or what, but the the two men got more and more upset. Since I'm almost 2 meters tall and don't look like someone you want to mess with, they took their anger out at the boys, shouting at them, and eventually taking their football. That was a really smart move, provided that they thought I was some kind of pervert... - making the boys angry at _them_ and even more sympathic to me. Some other boys came along, and they obviosly got the same idea and started to flirt their shirts off. I had no interests in that direction, so I left.