I'm a third generation media person. My grandfather and father both worked as typhographers in "Morgenavisen" and "Bergens Tidende" in Bergen, Norway. I soon became the editor of the class-paper from 8th to 12th grade. Since I was 14, I got my pocket mony from writing articles in norwegian magazines. Mostely pornographic articles ;)

When I left school, I started as a technician and later DJ and talkshow host at the local radio stations "Radio Bergen" and "Bergen Gay Radio". I was among the first journalists i Bergen that put stories about police brutality in Bergen on the air. At that time, the papers denied any such activity. Today, the supreme court in Norway has confirmed that there indeed was alot of police brutality in Bergen at that time!

I know the media buisness. I know how it should work. And I know how it works in the real world. And that makes me sick!

When I reached 22, I wrote some software with a friend that became popular in 22 countries. We even had US Air Force in Texas as a customer. The local papers was exited when they learned about it, and wrote alot about us. Most of it was exaggerations or directly untrue. But they wanted a story about success, and they did'nt care if it was true or not.

6 - 7 years later, I got in trouble with the corrupt police force in Bergen. Now, the local press came after me as vultures. They were told some lies by the police, made up some lies themselfs, and made an exiting mess that surly sold papers, but had very litte todo with any fragment of truth. They used my "case" to sell papers. And that was it.

When I released a book about the injustice a couple of years ago - I was labelled "pedophile" with full name and picture on the front page of "Bergensavisen". Another paper, "Bergens Tidende", made an article on page two where I, the publisher, and the publishing company, was labelled "pedophiles". The publisher was quite upset, and the paper hade to make an expensive settlement with the publisher. The journalist responsible for the article was fired. But a few days later they had feature over almost a full page, where they explained why people would not like this book. - All because the book exposed how the press failed to tell the truth about me and my case. The book fed their lies to my readers, one by one. They never made any claim that I lied about them in that book. They just tried to scare people away from it. Fortunately, they failed.

I have watched how the press, in Norway and in other countries, have moved far, far away from the truth. I've seen how they have lost any trace of dignity. I've seen how they have used people, and left them to die in the dust.

I believe in freedom of speech. That is the only reason I have not beaten some of the journalists here to death.

I don't want anything to do with you. You are untruthful. Go make up your lies somewhere else!