There are lots of them, and as the years pass, they tend to get bigger and more boring to read. But they define the Internet standards, and are essential reading for anyone who eants to develop something that talks with or to the Internet.

Of course, you dont need to read them all, but if you don't read the ones that's significant to your project, you will a) spend alot of time trying to figure out why your project don't work, and b) your project will probarbly never work anyway...

The Internet Request For Comments or RFC's, are documents that each describe a certain technology. Examples of such RFC's are RFC 959 (FTP Protocol) or 2068 (HTTP Protocol). One Internet protocol will typically have several relevant RFC's, each specifying and explaining different aspects. Often new RFC's will replace or extend earlier ones.

When a RFC is released (frozen from a draft), it will never change. If may be obsoleted, or replaced by a newer one, but RFC's will never change. This means that softeware and hardware that complies with an RFC will work with other components that complies with the same RFC for ever.

Use the links below to look up RFC's relevant for your project.