Yes! I'm Gay! And I feel comfortable this way. Although some people have problems to view a male gay person as anything else than just that. Gay. Actually, I eat, I sleep, I work, I fall in love, I fight, I view movies, I listen to music - just like anyone else :-) To be gay is not a lifestyle. It does not mean that I have AIDS, or want to sleep with any male person I see, or molest children - it just means that when I fall in love, I fall in love with another boy. It should not be necessary to say this, but as a known gay male in my community, I face bullshit and ignorance every single day. However, most people are all right. The ignorance usually comes from losers, criminals and the police.

Being gay is not something one choose. You can choose your political or religious views - your dressing style, or image - but you can not choose your sexual orientation.

Being gay is controversial. I am also controversial within the gay community - because I feel that homosexuals should pay respect to their history - just like everyone else. The gay youth today, in Norway and most of Europe and America, take their freedom to express their feelings for granted. It's not more than 20 - 30 years since being gays was about as bad as being pedophile is today. I also feel bad about the majority of the gay community, as they try to be as normal as the heterosexual neighbors next door! There was a special kind of Jews in the concentration camps that helped the nazis running the camps. These people was known to be at least as sadistic and cruel as the nazis - and they did whatever they could to please their masters. But eventually they got killed, just like everyone else. You will never gain respect and acceptance by playing someone else's games. Unfortunately, lots of gays don't realize this - and attack minorities within the gay community if they look a little different than the common citizen. I don't mean that the gay community should look at the rest of the society as if they were nazis, but I think that each individual should have the courage to be them self, to express their true opinions - and not just what they believe the society want to hear. And I feel very strongly that we who are gay, should meet other minorities with the tolerance and acceptance that we wished for, and fought for, - for so very long, during the dark ages for our kind. I made a statement in the newsgroup alt.support.boylovers about this.

There is also lots of places in this world where it's outlawed to engage in homosexual relationships. That is a disgrace - and I truly ask everyone to turn their back to any such countries, religions or communities.