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> Hi Jarle
> I use your ftp server a lot and it is great.... I was surfing your
> site the other day and this occurred to me....
> For some one who has been falsely accused of statutory rape. You sure
> do have a lot of pics of spanish kids on your site. Co-incidence
> maybe. 

I like kids. I think those pictures are brilliant :)

> And I know that homosexual != paedophile.

Well, the traditional gay male /does/ have a bias towards teenagers and
young men. The "almost straight" gay men you meet today is a quite new
invention. A lot of them pretend to be as "normal" as possible in order
to gain acceptance by "the society". I ran the local Gay Club for years,
and I remember how they pretended to be, and how they really were. When
they spoke to their families, friends or the society, they preferred the
same age. When they were drunk and spoke to me, they very often told me
about an affection towards young boys.

Playing "normal" in order to gain acceptance is plain stupid, if you ask
me. The goblins wount accept us anyway; to them, a gay male will never
be anything but an asshole attached to two legs. And a of course a
"pervert" - whatever that may be. Decent people on the other hand, tends
to accept other people, even if they have feelings, thougths or believs
out of the ordinary. You don't have to play "normal" in order to be
accepted by decent people. You just have to be honest.

What is a paedophile anyway? There are quite a few definitions. The
common scientific definition in Europe is an adult person that prefer
cildren before they reach puberty. The common "tabloid" definition in
Norway is any adult who have ever fancied someone below the age of
concent (16). That definition includes /a lot/ of people ;)

The "classic" gay male who fancy young boys is /not/ a paedophile[1]
according to the scientific European definition. But with the current
hysteria, most gay men are scared to death to be associated with the
liking of young boys, because of the tabloid definition. In a way - they
are even more oppressed than before, because they are harrassed by the
goblins for being gay, and still too frigthend to express their true
feelings toward boys. They can not live a full life, being who they are.
I'm not saying that gay men in general just wants to fuck young teenage
boys - but that a desire for teenagers is quite common among gay men.
Being a full person is to accept, and gain acceptance for, /all/ of
the /important/ feelings one have. 

> But even so, don't you think these pics are going to make a lot of
> people uncertain about your 
> motives....?

I don't really care. I am who I am. I have already payed a very high
price for my believs, and I decided long ago to /never/ give in for
terror. In 1994 I lost everything of value in my life. Everything as
in /everything/. I've never rebuilt my life. Today I don't have much of
value to loose. I don't have a home. I don't have a boyfriend. I don't
have a job. I don't have any income or obligations. But on the other
hand - I'm not as vulnerable as I once was, and most people still are. I
don't care if I'm "free" or in prison. The only prison I fear is the
prison most people carry around in their heads when they dont dare to be
who thery are, when they dont dare to do what they feel is right. I've
broken out of that prison. I'm an outlaw. When the government contact me
and ask me to pay taxes (for money I never made) - I ask them to burn in
hell, and sign the letter "Jarle Aase, Outlaw". When the local tabloid
paper contact me, I tell them to burn in hell. Litterally. I lost
everything, but I gained a level of freedom that most people can't even
imagine. I can do whatever I want. I can say whatever I want. I can
actually be who I am.

I'm also lucky in another area. I'm not tied to like just a few persons
of a certan age. I can fancy cute boys/men of almost any age. One of my
great affections is 50. Another is 16. One of my best friends is 14.
Fancying, and enjoying the friendship of very different persons, of very
varying age, gives me alot of joy and insight to life.

I simply refuse to let ignorant peoples prejudice rule my life (or the
content of my websites). There are people on the net, and in my
hometown, who believe that I'm a pedo - and that I have sex with lot's
of young boys. It's their problem, not mine. I refuse to limit
whatever's left of my quality of life, to suit their weird fantasies. I
don't tell them how to live their life - and I don't care what they
think or say about my life. 
[1] I do not share todays rage against paedophiles. They can not help
for who they are. They just happends to love children too much. Most of
them never ever have sex with children. /A lot/ of them die by their own
hands (maby the majority). They live and die, without ever knowing how
it feels to go to a party, flirting with someone, feel a crush, and then
spending the even one night together.
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