Q-ZAR uses laser technology and computer science to bring you the latest in high-tech excitement. First stop is the Briefing Room, where you're instructed on game strategies and the rules of the game. In the Vesting Room, you're fitted with a high-tech vest which has laser sensors located on the front and back. You are also given a phaser, which fires a visible laser beam. When the vest laser sensored areas are tagged with an opponet's laser blast, points are registered in our computer. Finally, you'll step into the Arena. Under the supervision of the Q-ZAR marshall, the games begin. The Arena is filled with "high energy" music and special fog as well as lighting effects. You'll zap your opponets and attempt to disable their headquarters. But don't worry - no one is ever knocked out of the game - you simply re-energize! Following each game, you're given a computerized scorecard outlining individual and team scores!

You carry a real phaser, with either red or green light beams The game takes place in a high-tech arena (4200 sq ft) filled with pulsating light and pounding music. Score points with your laser by tagging other players and/or deactivating the opposing team's headquarters. You can be tagged four times before your phaser is deactivated. But you're never out of the game because you can recharge at the energizers inside the arena. The Q-Zar computer tracks you throughout the game, printing out personalized score sheets to see who won and who scored a personal best. Lights, fog, and pumping music make this the most exciting game of the 90's.