I read a lot. Some novels (Norwegian writers, Umberto Eco, John Irving, Hermann Hesse, lots of others), some classic literature (like Goethe, or writers from year 800 - 1400), some ancient literature (Plato, Aristotle), some philosophy (Nietzsche is my favorite philosophy-pusher), some politics and religion - and of course lots of computer books. I have also written two published books; one about my own story, and a textbook about hardware used in computer education in Norway.

I live alone, and spend my spare time developing software, being with friends, and writing books. I am creative by nature, and I have to create things - like computer programs, articles, books or blog-postings in order to be happy.

Yea - and by the way, I'm not a big fan of governments or other authorities. Not after I was sent to jail for a week in my youth when I refused to lie in court about a person I did not know anything about - and later was sent to jail for 2 years as a political prisoner. Of course, they don't have "political prisoners" in Norway - in stead, they make up criminal charges, manufacture false evidence and that way bypass the UN conventions about human rights and Amnesty Internationals rules about political prisoners - just like other "democratic" countries do. I prefer dictatorships. They are more honest about their evil.

I try to be an honest person. I have some very strong opinions, and I have the courage to question the common "truth". I do not accept injustice, double standards or plain lies. It is my belief that decent people will accept and embrace anyone who is honest and who meet other people with respect and dignity. Bad people have always, and will always, think bad thoughts and make up bad rumors. I refuse to restrain myself and put on a fake image in order to satisfy bad people. As it is, the way I live my life, children loves me. Decent people loves me. Intelligent people usually respect me and challenge me. Bad[1] people generally hates me. I'm quite happy this way ;)

I can handle shit, trouble and War. I cannot handle treason. But I never, ever surrender. Never!

[1] By "bad people" I mean rumor-makers, psychopaths, thief's and opportunists, and people who simply are unable to think for themselves (like most pigs).