I receive hundreds of emails every day. Most of them are spam. I have spam-filters that trash anything that looks like spam-messages. If the filters finds stock, viagra, penis, girls, money, etc etc... I never even see the message. The same goes for messages with iframes.

I never open MS Word attachments or other attachments that may compromise the security of my machine. If you need to send an attachment, send it as ASCII text. If you need to send a picture, send it as gif, jpeg or png.

I never reply to messages in rtf/word format, and I rarely reply to html-messages. This is because i never send HTML messages, and don't want to waste time every time I reply to change the content-type.

In general, I don't answer to questions that's answered in the FAQ, or trivial questions that will be easily resolved in the newsgroup alt.comp.jgaa.

I try to reply to everything else. Some times I get too many emails, and can't reply to all - but I read everything. And even if I don't reply, I do appretiate your feedback, suggestions, thaughts and opinions.