The software I use to publish this site is called JgaaWeb, and will be GPL when it is ready. It's written in php, with a MySQL database backend.

There exist lots and lots of similar publishing solutions, but I decided to make my own to avoid stupid security holes and bad code. I've been making complex websites with PhP and MySQL since the spring 1996, - so I kindof know how I want things to be ;)

The software is pretty much general purpose webpublishing - and I've also started to add features for dating-services. I've enabled this feature on - just to test out these features on a live site with some load. is not a dating service (but if anyoe wants to use it as such - they're free to do so).

I've enabled anyone to create their own profiles here. The only advantage of doing so, is the option to comment on articles. I have no plans to limit the content on to registered users.