When I registered my first few domains, I used Network Solutions. They were OK then, but compared with other registrars, they got pretty expensive. A friend of mine suggested that I try the French registrar Gandi.net. I registered a few domains trough their service. One of the domains was warftp.org.

This summer I decided to move all my domains to one registrar to ease the management.

Gandi transferred two domains, but kept warftp.org back. After a while, the domain expired, and they stopped redirecting DNS requests for the domain to my DNS servers. That way www.warftp.org went dead. When I learned about this, I instantly contacted Gandi by email, and urged them to complete the transfer of the domain. They did not even reply to any of my requests, and the domain is still "frozen". Gandi have effectively stolen the domain, leaving me and thousands of users of War FTP Daemon in vain.

I will continue my efforts to have the domain transferred. I also hope that people will notice my experience, and stay away from the French registrar Gandi.