When I rewrote the software for the support-site in the spring of year 2000, I added a "session" counter that count user-sessions. The difference between "hits" and "sessions" are that a session represent a users visit to a web-site, while a "hit" represent a single hit on a page, a picture or another object. A "session" can in other words generate many "hits". When we measure web-traffic today, we are usually most interested in sessions, as it's easy to manipulate the hit-count by adding many pictures, or by adding commands in the HTML-code that instructs the web-browser to reload the page frequently.

The support/download-site (URL http://support.jgaa.com and http://download.jgaa.com) is used primarily by the users of war-ftpd to download the server, download upgrades, enter bug-reports and suggestions. With more than 1 million visitors in three years, it proves that the War FTP Daemon is quite popular and that it's name and repurtation is well established. A FTP server is not something you will find on most PC's. It's a rather uncommom piece of software to install - and that makes 1 million visitors a very large number.

I'm surprised and honored by the growing popularity of the War FTP Daemon, and as a direct result of this, I'm putting more efforts into the further development of the 1.80 series and version 3.