I've read Hitlers Mein Kampf twice. I know some of what went on in the head of the most hated man in the world, ever. He believeed that Germany had the right to invade other countries to secure it's own expansion and economical growt. Just like Bush believe that the USA has the right to invade other countries to secure USA's interests. Hitler also believed that the jews was genuine evil - and he feared them. Just liks Bush believe that Bin ladens people are genuine evil, and fear them. There are similarities between Bush and Hilter. But there are two great differences. 1) Hitler did not have the technology to destroy the world, and 2) Hitler was no moron. He was intelligent, and he was a great military leader, - at least until he became a drug addict.

Bush want his war with Iraq at any price. He claim that it's a war against terrorists, and that Saddam Hussain is cooperating with Bin laden. That is not likely to be true, as US intelligence reports indicate that some of the rebel groups in Iraq that fight against Husseins regime, are connected with Bin Laden. In other wods - Bin laden is likely to be an enemy of both Iraq and USA. If Bush really wanted to fight Bin Laden - he would have cooperated with Iraq.

I believe that Bush has two reasons to attack Iraq, and eventually start World War III. He want control of the oil fields in Iraq, and he want to please the american arms industry who financed large parts of his campaingn. The first argument is similar to Hitlers way of thinking, and are totally unacceptable in a civilized world. The second argument is even worse, - if Bush really sells himself to the arms industry, that is corruption at the very highest level. If I'm right, bush is either a corrupt mass-murder, or a war criminal, or both. Both offences justifies a long, long time in jail.

I don't know how much critizism Bush faces in the US, but in Europe, many people, myself included, view him as the most dangerous moron in the history of the world. I don't think he realize the danger he put the world at with his obsession of war. A large scale war in the middle east can very easy scale to a global disaster that will put an end to our civilizaton.  In Europe, even in England, more and more people are realizing this, and are turning against Bush and the USA. Even large, conservative newspapers and television companies mention Bush and Hitler in the same sentence. I don't think this have ever happened before with with a western state leader.

I believe that Bush must be stopped, and that a war must be stopped at any cost. A war with Iraq will only create more problems in the world, and it can very easily scale out of control and blow everything. I don't approve with Bush's view that political enemies can be killed. But i do approve with criminals like Bush being brought to justice. So - don't shoot him - but argue against his stupidity in any forum, - and if possible, gather documentation about his crimes. If it can be prooved that hs is breaking international law, or US law - he can be put away in jail, where he most likely belong anyway. There he can fight his dirty wars, without putting the world and the human race at risk.