The British artist Tom Robinson once wrote a song called "Glad to be Gay". It was about how the [English] press lied about gay people, and about how young [British] police officers went to gay clubs, and then arrested the men who fancied them. In the 60' and 70', this was considered "important police work" in oppressive regimes like Great Britan and USA. There are written many books about this sad period. I will recommend "Moral Panic: Changing Concepts of the Child Molester in Modern America" by Professor Philip Jenkins and "Sex-Crime Panic: A Journey to the Paranoid Heart of the 1950s" by Neil Miller. Today, being Gay is legal in GB and (most of) USA. So now the police is focucing their resources on real crimes- right?

Unfortunately not. More and more police-resources are spent on "Internet crimes". And what do they do there? Well - we all knows that they are having fun in chat-rooms, pretending to be sexy children. And if they can, they will lure adult men (notice this - it's a known fact that at least 25% of boys who have been "abused" as underage participants in sex, was "abused" by women - the chase for "sex predators" are only targeting men) to meet with them. And then of course, the man is arrested. Not because he spoke with a real child, but because he /believed/ he was speaking with a real child. And either tried to seduce the person he believed to be a child, or was seduced by that person.

But that is not all. The police is also sending out tons of email-spam, promoting child porn. According to Judith Levines brilliant book "Harmful to minors", American "Law" Enforcement Agencies are the biggest distributor of child porn in the world. I have read the same claim from many sources. They try very hard to make people curious about the subject, so they can arrest them. I'm openly gay, and I have expressed my opinions about these matters many times, in many places. Over the years, I have been contacted many times by LEA agents, trying to lure me into doing something illegal. One of them pretended to be a 15-year old eastern-European ex prostitute boy on I traced his IP address to a federal building in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have also been contacted on msn or icq by LEA in, among other countries, Denmark and Germany, pretending to be young boys or men exchanging child porn.

But back to the spam. Aside from contacting hand-picked people, trying to lure them into doing something illegal, the police (LEA) is aggressively marketing child porn to a huge number of people. Also - in stead of fighting spam - the single most costly and troublesome problem on the Net today - they contribute to the problem(!) Today I received two emails, both targeting heterosexual men with a taste for younger women (in other words; the majority of men on this planet). I have quoted one of them below. In this email, LEA pretends to be Russian mafia.

This kind of "police work" raise many ethical questions. But the most important is this: In a world full of real crimes like theft, murder, violence, rape and corruption - is this how you want your LEA to spend their money? Luring normal men into becoming "criminals" by offering them shit like this? Men who never did anything suspicious, other than owning an email-address? (Note that these messages are unfiltered. They are also received by children). I guess you can figure out my stand in this matter :)