In 2008, I enjoyed a few wonderful days with some good friends in Oslo. Among other things, we discussed literature. More specific Gay literature, of the nature that was hated by the Jesus-junkies in the past (you know - the priests who talk about moral in the church, and then f*** the alter-boy as soon ad the good folks have gone home), and are hated just as passionately by the [Nazi-]feminists today (you know - the fat lesbians who hate all men and claim that every man is a potential rapist, and that all sex involving men, including gay sex, is violence against women). That kind of literature. I have seen many references to such literature in books I have read, including the once very popular (at least in Norway) "Morgan Kane" series by "Louis Masterson" (Kjell Hallbing). But I have not found any original works. My friends suggested that one place to look was in the fairytale «Arabian Nights» (or 1001 nights). I read those stories when I was a kid - they were among my favorites. But the translation I read was obviously edited, and the gay material left out.

Today, when I read a Norwegian book named something like «Erotics and Fundamentalism, from Mesopotamia to the [militant] women right movement» (Erotikk og fundamentalisme, Thore Langfeldt, Universitetsforlaget 2005) I found another reference to «Arabian Nights». After finishing the book, I did a quick search, and found the complete work (I hope) here. It's also at Project Gutenberg. Very nice. Now I don't have worry about what to read as good-night stories the next 1001 nights.