I'm responsible for a VoIP library that's built using Nokias "Sofia" SIP library and Googles VoiceEngine (part of their WeRTC project), Some time ago, I decided that it is a good idea to put some statistics in the logs about packet loss. However, the values I get from Googles library are encoded in somethimng they refer to as "Q14".

I did not find any documentation abot what this is. Somene pointed me to a Wikipedia article. However, there was no example on how to decode this thing. At least not in a language that I understand. So I consulted a matematician I know, and he gave me the (C++) answer:

const double packet_loss = double(stats.currentPacketLossRate) / double(1 << 14);

Where stats.currentPacketLossRate is the Q14 encoded value I get from webrtc::NetworkStatistics::GetNetworkStatistics().