A few months ago I replaced my old HTC Desire with a Samsung Note II.

The Desire was almost 3 years old, and had served me well. From a meter distance, the phone still looked new. However, the built in disk was consumed by upgrades to bundled software I never used (like a Facebook app, and Stock Market app) so I could no longer install the software I wanted (like the Firefox web browser). I also wanted to make an Android app inspired by the fantastic book "Getting Things Done", and decided that I needed a modern phone with Android 4 or better. My eyes fell on the Note II, and soon I got one.

That was a mistake. The Stylus applications that shipped with the phone was total crap. Unusable. If I tried to take hand-notes from meetings, the apps soon would pop up something to distract me, and I just had to stop doing that. The reason I wanted the Note, was to be able to draw sketches on the phone. I'm a creative person, and creativity works best on paper. I wanted the phone to replace paper. The sketch app was also crap. It did not allow me to move elements on the screen. I did not want the phone to emulate paper! I wanted the elegance of working with a pen on paper, combined with modern technology. Samsung just didn’t get it. After a few weeks, I forgot about the stylus.

The second problem was more severe. The phone rebooted a lot. Some times several times a day. And it happened often when I talked on the phone. So in effect, the device was useless as a creative device, and also as a phone! To top the "User Feel Like an Idiot After Buying Our Crap" experience, the screen was not scratch resistant, and after two months, the screen was more messed up than the screen on my almost three years old HTC Desire. I felt really bad about the phone.

Then, two weeks ago, the phone fell on the ground for the first time, and the glass broke. I expected this to be a relatively cheap repair (considered the cheap glass Samsung used on this device), but guess what – Samsung has glues the cheap, non hardened glass, directly to the screen. So in order to replace it, I also have to replace the screen, and pay almost half the price of the device! No thank you Samsung. I will not do that. I'll rather admit my mistake and get a new HTC phone. They come without the stylus, but at least HTC know how to build phones that work. Phones with hardened glass. Phones that don't regularly reboot during calls. Phones I can expect to work for at least a few years.

Bye Samsung. I don't think I will miss you.