The was a post on Linkedin from Walter Isaacson The internet is broken. Starting from scratch, here's how I'd fix it.

I could not resist to comment on it. So, here is my say:

From my perspective, what have largely destroyed the good parts of Internet is greed and hunger for power. I don't think less anonymity and more rigid tracking can fix this. The "war on terror" has cost hundreds of billions of euros, and hundreds of thousands of lives. And we ended up in a world more insecure than ever. The US president think he can kill anyone he dislikes by drones. (The president of the Philippines claims to kill the bad people himself). I fear that we will get the same experience by reshaping Internet into a "safer place". It can very fast bring us to 1984, or worse. They did not have Big data or predictive algorithms when that book was written.

The sad state of the Internet is just a small part of a much larger problem. People simply need to behave well, with respect and dignity. Technology (from more targeted packets on the net and more complex firmware,  to  predictive algorithms and killer-drones) can not give us that.

In the early Internet people generally behaved well. Then Big Business moved in, and with them followed the spammers. Then the media moved in, and with them came the trolls. Then the Intelligence agencies moved in, and weaponized the whole place. Now all governments, and the Mafia, want to hack all devices that are connected for their own purposes - and the governments are currently legalizing their criminal behavior.

Technology cannot heal the Internet.

What we need is not a new generation of technology - but a new generation of politicians (and business people).