When I was young I had to go to school. Then I did my homework (at least I pretended to), played with friends and watched TV. There was alot of things put on hold that I was going to do when i got older. But when I got older I got a job, and most days was like the day before.

Still today, there are alot of things I want to tell people. That I love them. That they have a nice smile. That I care. But I put it on hold so I can finish some project, or catch some sleep. And then I forget.

I think it's important to stop sometimes. If you knew you were goimng to die tomorrow - would you live this day like you do right now? No? Why? You have a limited number of minutes on earth. Why are you wasting so many of them?

I think every day is precious. You should treat it like a treasure, and explore it carefully to see how you can:

  • Have fun
  • Do something to make tomorrow even better
  • Make sure that - if you remember this day the day you die, you will look back at it as an important dag, a happy day, a day that changed your life to the better.

Every day should be like that.

* * *

Now I'm going back to work, to fix some problems that hardly meens anything to anyone. :(