I try lo learn Spanish. I have purchased a Spanish course on CD. Unfortunately, CD-players are big, and not very well fitted for my hometown Bergen, where it have now been raining for almost 70 continous days. MP3-players are way more adjusted to places like this. And if they are broken, they don't ruin the original CD media - which in this case was pretty expensive.

My previous MP3 player was stolen. So, I decided to get a new MP3 player. They had one on sale at Clas Ohlson. It had a USB interface, 1 GB memory and it looked ok. The price was about US$ 50. It was raining (I'ts always raining in this town) - so I did'nt bother to go to a real electronics shop (Clas Ohlson is like an IKEA thing for men - with tools, cheap electronics, plumming, and all sorts of crap. I don't know why I keep shopping there - because the quality is really bad. (Computer cables usually don't work (I managed to get 10 mbits between two GB switches with one of their cables - and gigabit when I replaced it with a real cable), an FM radio I bought can only play distorsions because the Volume pot is too cheap, the Egg Boiler wount beep or turn itself off when the eggs are ready, the toolcase was only designed to carry its own weight, the Electric Timer i bought to save power for the owen in the Living Room makes so much noise that I have to remove it when I watch movies) I'm just lazy I guess.

The MP3-player was packed in this hard plastic that everybody hates because it's so hard to to remove, and so easy to cut yourself when you do. (But no manifactorer really cares about what the consumers likes or not). I bought this thing because it was the cheapest I could find there and then.

When I connected it to the computer, Windows identified it as som kind of media player - and not as an Removable Drive as I expected. Hey - did I purchase an IPod? NO - I think not. I don't like proprietary things. I like things I can communuicate with easily - from Windows or Linux or whatever I want to use.

The drive came with a little CD disk. I assume it is filled with DRM shit and drivers that will give some kind of "genuine advantage" that's really /not/ an advantage for the consumer, but only for the Music Mafia (you know - the guys who sue little children for downloadng music from their friends).

I guess there are people who would buy a product like this. But somehow I must have missed the "This is DRM Protected Crap that CANNOT be used with Real Operating Systems or by any Thinking Being" label.

And I was'nt even going to play music on the thing...

Anyway - I found one use for my new SanDisk device. I used it to fill some of the empty space in my Trash Bin.