My name was present in the English and Norwegian editions of Wikipedia in 2006. That came as no surprise to me, as I am one of the best known "computer people" in Norway. I have written software that has been used by US Air Force, NASA, Compaq, McDonald-Douglas, Pinacle, Digital Equipment Corp and hundreds of thousands of other companies and individuals over more than 20 years. There are very few computer or software specialists in Norway who don't recongnize my name. I am also the co-author of a textbook on computers published by Fagbokforlaget in Norway.

But I'm not just a computer guy. I am the editor of the website, where I document wrong doings by the Police and Courts in my hometown Bergen, Norway. I have documented that police officers have gotten away with crimes for the following reasons: They broke the law(!), They have stopped breaking the law, They did not know the law, Due to an formal error at the Director General of Public Prosecution office - there are precidense that police officers may break the law! I have referred a case where the European Human Rights legislation - wich is part of Norwegian law, was serverely broken - just because the judge felt it was conveniant that way.

I am also gay. I spent 5 years in Bergen Gay Radio, and for a year I was in charge of the Gay Disco in Begen (DNF'48/Ranhuset). I was also sometimes a security guard or DJ for another Gay Disco in Bergen (Studio 54). In 1986, my voice was known from the popular radio by most of the people in my hometown. I have published a free online book about that, and about what happend before I was sent to jail for two years for crimes that never happened.

There is a tradition in my hometown, where the local "newspapers" always supports the police when they attack innocent people. The Norwegian Supreme Court has critizised this behavior (in the case of the bumerang-cases where people who were severely beaten by the police and then filed charges againts police brutality, first was sent to jail for false accusations. One of them commited suicide before the convictions was invalidated by the Supreeme Court). When I was charged and later sentenced for crimes that never happened, the local press had a great time making up all kind of new lies, based on the lies the police told them about me. There is no doubt that the Jury and Judge knew I was innocent when they sent me to jail. It can be easily documented. The real reason I was convicted is probably my attitude at that time - I had controversial opinions - I and I dared to express them and threasure them, even when I realized what was going to happen. You don't do that in Bergen, Norway.

In july 2006, I was charged with rape and kidnapping of a 15 year old boy. I was arrested and spent three weeks in custody. The local papers attacked me again - just as the did before. When I was released, I wrote about the incicent on my homepage. The local "newspapers", and especially "Bergens Tidende" raged about this outrageous behaviour. There was evidently no doubt in their mind that I was guilty. Alot of people on the net thought the same. It was almost a year later that the district attorney told the press that he did not believe in the accuse of rape, vilolecne and kidnapping. At that time, I had filed charges against the person who lied about me, and provided hard evidence (fotos, msn logs and SMS logs) that I was innocent and that these charges were nothing but lies. (The local press has not at any time excused their own corerage of this case. They just continue to attack me at any opportunity.)

So - what has all this to do with Wikipedia? Alot I'm afraid. In 2006 I was listed as a Computer Specialist, Software writer, Gay activist and Human Rights activist. Today these listings are gone. Someone has probably found me to be too contriversial for the encyclopaedia.
That is scaring. Because - if people start to censor (erase) articles about people with controversial opinions - then they act like the terror-regime described in the great book "1984". (Well - they act like any facist would). The easy way to get people to think like yourself, is to remove information about people who think differently - and what they think. Then you don't have to argue or reason for your views. This was the motovation for the facist rulers i n "1984". This is the motivation behind the Great Chinese Wall on the Internet (the national Chinese firewall). I don't really think sites where this is happening is contributing to a better world.

OK - you may say that whoever removed  the entries about me on Wikipedia did so not because I am controversial, but because I was sent to jail. Well maby that's what happened. But if they remove prisoners, then they will have to remove Nelson Mandela as well. And Jesus.