I don't know what idiot that originally thought it was a good idea to put a button on the left side of a computer-mouse, or what even bigger idiot who decided that pressing that button in KDE when you use Firefox, would simulate the "previous page" command. What I do know is that I am quite annoyed about this stupidity. How many times have I edited some blog-post or web-form, and then accidentally hit the button and lost everything from a few seconds to 30 minutes work? Many times.

After loosing another 10 minutes worth of work on a blog-post today, I decided to disable the cursed thing. But a web-search only revealed that I was far from alone with this problem. A solution was not on the first result-pages from Google. I was too pissed to start reading howto's and cryptic documentation, so I got some tools and disabled the button in hardware.

If you don't want this stupid button, just rip it off. That works with Linux - and I bet it will even work with Windows!