I have found few good overview articles about SNMP. There is however a brief description at CMU and another from the same university here.

The SNMP FAQ mention these locations: A Guide to SNMP and CMIP and ACE-SNMP Support Documents (a 30-page article that provides a high-level but detailed overview of SNMP, including philosophy, applications, protocol description, useful MIB objects, and a description of ASN.1 syntax).

If you are interested in ASN.1, the language used to describe the MIB tree, there are several dedicated pages, including ASN.1 Homepage and ASN.1 Information SiteThere exist a linkpage to misc. SNMP resources and MIB's.

There is an attempt to make a MIB for WEB servers.

Implementations and libraries

There exist several SNMP interfaces. Microsoft seems to have one for WIN32, and a brigh new one for Windows2000 - I have just briefely looked at the intro text in MSDN.

The most widely used SNMP library (and utility code) is the CMU SNMP Library>. This is available for Solaris, Irix, Linux, Win32 and SCO UnixWare. The code is also clean and well documented, so it should be relatively easy to port to new platforms.

If you look at CMU SNMP, you might want to read the User's Guide to CMU SNMP for Linux as well, as this describes the command-line utilities, and a little about SNMP as well...

Parsers and compilers

There exist lots of commercial ASN.1 (the language used to describe the MIB tree) compilers that will generate neat code. There is however a free ASN.1 parser that use yacc an lex available (saved me for quite som work on my SNMP project).

Related RFC's


  • RFC1156 - Management Information Base Network Management of TCP/IP based internet
  • RFC 1161 - SNMP over OSI;


  • RFC 1215 - A Convention for Defining Traps for use with the SNMP
  • RFC 1270 - SNMP Communication Services
  • RFC 1303 - A Convention for Describing SNMP-based Agents
  • RFC 1470 - A Network Management Tool Catalog

Standard and Draft

  • RFC 1089
    - SNMP over Ethernet
  • RFC 1140 - IAB Official Protocol Standards
  • RFC 1155 - Structure and Identification of Management Information for TCP/IP based internets.

  • RFC 1157 - A Simple Network Management Protocol
  • RFC 1158 - Management Information Base Network Management of TCP/IP based internets: MIB-II

  • RFC 1187 - Bulk Table Retrieval with the SNMP
  • RFC 1212 - Concise MIB Definitions
  • RFC 1213 - Management Information Base for Network Management of TCP/IP-based
    internets: MIB-II

  • RFC 1224 - Techniques for Managing Asynchronously-Generated Alerts
  • RFC 1418 - SNMP over OSI
  • RFC 1419 - SNMP over AppleTalk
  • RFC
    - SNMP over IPX

[SNMPv2 Specs]




  • RFC 1901 - Introduction to Community-based SNMPv2
  • RFC 1909 - An Administrative Infrastructure for SNMPv2
  • RFC 1910 - User-based Security Model for SNMPv2