From: 	Jarle Aase 
To: 	core <****@****>
Subject: 	Re: don't use GPL for version 3!  work to make a peace license instead
Date: 	Sat, 13 Nov 2004 13:47:01 +0100	
On Tue, 2004-11-09 at 06:44, core wrote:
> Hi,
> I noticed with great alarm that you are considering giving away your great
> software to Donald Rumsfeld, Robert Mugabe, George W. Bush, the goverment
> of China and other scum.  The most wonderful thing about WarFTP was always
> its commitment NOT to support warfare and escalation of conflict.
> Rather than use GPL or, worse, an "open source" license that would not
> even prevent warlike corporations like Halliburton from making their own
> derivatives of your excellent work and charging $$$$$$$ for it as part of
> their war preparations, I urge you to work on this instead:
> Hope you do!  That is a public wiki page, please add your own comments
> by editing that page or its parallel talk page:
> You don't even have to log in!
> PLEASE help there be a peace license!

This is an important subject. 

The problem with the current license is that it prevents Warftpd from
being widely used under Linux. Version 3 will be _extremely_ fast and
scalable under the Linux operating system, and it will be superior to
most of the other servers available in performance, ease of use,
standards conformance and user interface. Unfortunately - unless a
package is released without restrictions - it will not make its way into
the big Linux distributions (like Debian GNU/Linux). 

I have thought of different ways to handle this issue. One option is to
release a basic version under GPL, and an improved version (with more
features) under my own license. That way users can get familiar with
warftpd from the standard Linux distributions, and upgrade to the
improved version if they need it.

Note that GPL will disallow companies from taking the source code and
make a proprietary version (free or not). LGPL will allow this; - but I
will only release the basic libraries under LGPL.

I will continue to tell my views about governments; - and no matter what
license I use, they will not get _any_ support or help from me.

Warftpd has maintained it's anti-governmental license for 8 years. Other
software developers has not copied the approach. A lot has happened
during this time - and at the moment, GPL seems like the best choice.
GPL does not give the software into he public domain - but it maintains
the best interests of both the software author and the end-user.

If Warftpd should be able to maintain its full anti-governmental license
in the future; this will require that lots of other software authors
changes their licenses in the same direction - so that the Open Source
community recognize this as a valid Open Source license approach.

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