I had a Windows 8 laptop a year ago. However, the constant frustration over that schizophrenic Janus-UI, made me literally assault my laptop often enough to just give it away. After that I kept Windows 7 on my development machine for a few months. At some point I realized that I spent around 70% of my "coding" time fighting with Visual Studio 2012 over C++11. So I gave up on Microsoft all together and installed Debian Linux. After that, I just feel a lot happier.

I've never been a Microsoft "fan boy" - but I have worked professionally with Windows since version 2.0, and I have done system programming for Windows in C or C++ since version 3.1. I even released two programs over the years for deploying software under Windows. So there are software developers who regarded me as some kind of a Windows guru. I do know a thing or two about Windows.

Yesterday however I was lost. I was re-factoring the TLS use deep down in a cross-platform C++ library (used by most of you), and after testing everything for posix, I needed to run the unit tests under Windows. Since I no longer have Windows installed, I logged on to a terminal server running Windows Server 2012. And guess what – the moronic idiots at Microsoft have removed the start-button also there! So when I was done, I found no way to log off. I actually had to duckduck it, and eventually, I learned that I could press [Windows]-C, and then the middle flat icon on the right side of the screen, and then on my name. At that point, there was a “log out” link (that looked like normal text) I could click on.

I a stunned. After using Windows professionally since 1987 – I now had to search on the internet to figure out how to log out. Microsoft – you have lost it. Windows is broken behind repair. Some folks compare the current Windows with the disasters Windows ME and Vista. But I think you have overdone stupid this time. I don't think you will ever recover from this mess. And for sure – you don't deserve to!