What is a personal homepage?

A personal homepage is your little corner on Internet, where you can present yourself, your hobbies, your opinions and your friends - and lots of other stuff. If you read the newspapers and all the crap the journalists there write about homepages, don't get confused. Those creeps know just as little about Internet as they know about anything else - their job is just to throw up some bullsh.. to feed the common mob with their daily lies.

You see, your homepage actually serve a very important job - it is your digital face on the Net. When you are on Internet you might get in touch with total strangers in discussions, or if you send an email to someone, or leave a message in a guestbook or a feedback form. Those people know nothing about you - and if they want to learn more about you as a person, they migt wery well visit your homepage.

What to keep on your homepage

  • A presentation of yourself, your age, sex, interests and strongest opinions.
  • A picture so that ppl can feel familiar with you.
  • Banners or text that express what's on your mind (like Free speach, or stop !!!@#!! now!).
  • Your hobbies. The hobby section can be real useful for other that share your hobby if you put some effort into it.

    What to avoid

    When I take the time to visit someones homepage (I visit lot's of new personal homepages each week - if yo send me a letter you can expect me to check out your homepahe wether you include the URL or not) I hate to find a page with fancy frames and graphics and no information at all. Focus on what you have to tell, and then make it look nice.

  • Nonsense.
  • Links that is present on every other homepage in the world. Noone is looking up your homepage to find the URL to Google or Yahoo!
  • Advanced html code or Java scripts that do not work.
  • UNDER CONSTRUCTION or Comming Soon banners!
  • Background colors or images that don't match the text color you use. Your pages should be easy to read
  • Too big graphics files. Avoid files larger than 30 - 40 KB, and try to keep icons less than 15 KB
  • Too many animations. Unless you make a very carefully and estetic design - never more than 2 animations on one single page..

    This was not too hard, was it?

    A good homepage can be made in just a few hours. Just remember that it is people, not nicknames, that will visit it. Therefore you should be a little personal yourself. Bot don't expose yourself too much! And never leave your street address or phone number on the web page. Remember that the world is full of crazy individuals too...