• Pothographer: Sursokk
Internet provides all kind of information. If you know where to go, and how to search, you can get any information you want. Any. The problem is that very few people have the skills to actually do this. So zillions of hours are wasted every single day, surfing along "me-too" links, that gives little or none entertainment or information.

In my opinion a WEB site should provide some information of it's own, and links to other related sites and relevant information. At least, this is the scope behind my Internet.

On these pages you will find some articles I have written about different topics, my freeware (programs I have written and released on the internet without any charge), and a large number of links to what I believe is relevant information.

Jgaa's Internet have always been special. You won't find all the usual banners and whistles here - and you won't find any commercial advertising or get rich spam. I'm also fed up with all that fancy computer graphics that flows all over the Internet these days, - and have filled up my site with pictures (mostly of myself) to create a unique atmosphere; a place for people, a site which is not competing with Pepsi to be the coolest place on the net. I don't know if it works, or if it just creates a picture of a person who likes himself too much; - but hopefully, it will create the atmosphere where you can relax, reflect - or maybe even find whatever you came here for.

Thanks for visiting, and welcome back!