Jgaa's Internet opened early 1996, as a simple homepage, hand coded in Notepad. As most sites back then, it was mainly a few almost empty pages and lots of "under construction" banners... "Telepost", a joint venture between the Norwegian Telecom and the Post Department, hosted the site.
My main motivation was to provide some help for the users of my new software project, the War FTP Daemon. But I instantly realized the power of the web, and the ideas and motivation that have formed the current site was very clear on my site even early 1996.

I soon realized that notepad was unfit to maintain a site of some size, so I spent a week in the spring 1996 and created HTMgen32, - a fully automated website maintenance program with navigation, layout templates and a tree-structured content management. This was one of the first usable website tools that was released, and still in 2002, it's navigation scheme is far more useful than the navigation support in i.e. Microsoft Frontpage. With this new tool, I was able to focus on the content, and the site grew fast. The layout was largely inspired by www.windows95.com, a major freeware/shareware site at that time.

As the years went by, I mostly focused on my software development - but Jgaa's Internet who constantly grew in popularity, was also maintained. The layout changed some, and new content was added when I found time to work on it. In 2000 the site was more than 100 HTML pages. Along the way, I got bandwidth on my Internet connection to host the site myself, - and I opened a software support-site and a handful related sites. All of them free and non-profit.

In 2000, I redesigned the site from scratch with Microsoft Frontpage 2000. Unfortunately, Frontpage proved to be a poor choice to maintain a site of this size, so it was hard to maintain and update the content. The navigation was also hard. I added a feedback form, and most of the complaints (that was not about how people felt about gay politics) was about frames and navigation.

In January 2002 I started to write a php backend for a new dynamic content based revision of Jgaa's Internet. In April 2002 the new site was opened.