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(Home of the War Software Series, Jgaa's Freeware and Jgaa's Cybermusic.)

Jgaa's Internet is dedicated to offer the Internet community free and non- commercial informaton in several areas, including Software, Internet technology, Winsock, Human rights, Music, Sports, and last but not least - software development.

You will find that this site is chemically clean of any advertizing or commercial banners. This is because this site is made in the spirit of sharing, rather than earning.

Check out what you came for, and then - have a look around in the other sections.

Jgaa's Iternet encourage you to participate in human rights efforts worldwide.

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New policy. I receive requests from people wanting to mirror Jgaa's Internet. In the past I have been restrictive in order to keep a high quality on the mirrors (keep them updated). It is also annoying when mirrors are set up and then disapper after only a short while.

The purpose of mirroring this site is not to win "The Internet Award of Most Mirrored Site", but to offer all visitors, wherever they might be, a good troughput to the pages.

Jgaa's Internet currently require about 10 MB of disk space. The pages are organized in several directories. In order to mirror the site you must be a "webmaster" or have the authorization from your webmaster to set up the mirror.

Updated pages are made available at FTP server as a .zip file. Mirroring sites must download and unzip this file and copy the contents into the appropriate location. Updates can be made several times pr. week, or there can be delays of several weeks when only the primary sites are beeing updated. As you see, there is a little work involved in mirroring the site :-)

I would appritiate new mirrors in the following locations (based on complaints from visitors about poor troughput):

Mirrors in other countries are also welcome :-)

If you want to mirror the site, send email to webmaster@jgaa.com.


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See also the support information.

Note: There are several people helping out in order to keep this site, the IRC channel and the newsgroup running. Jarle (jgaa) Aase is the editor and publisher of www.jgaa.com. The functions of the webmaster, ircmaster and newsmaster are maintained by other people.



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