The graphics has may seem heavier - but we only use a few medium size graphics elements that are re-used on all the pages so that loading pages shoyuld be fast as soon as the first page is cached in your browser, even on slow modem connections.

The site is now based on active content. The articles are stored in a MySQL database, and is presented by a lightweight PhP scriptong interface. We don't use active-x, java, flash or other elements that can compromise the security on your machine. The focus in the development of the backend PhP scripts has been to make navigation easy. New features include a news section that is automatically updated when articles are added or updated, and searching on keywords. The software also handles user logins, - but this is disabled for now.

The new look is tested with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and Mozilla - and looks pretty much the same in both browsers.

We hope that you will enjoy the new look!