I don't know your reasons for passionately hating Windows 8, but here are some of mine:

I don't want to re-learn anything just because of change for changes own sake. When it comes to IT,  I am a producer - not a consumer. I'm busy writing software, or books, or memos, or constructing electronic circuits or in some other creative activity. Having to constantly stop and figure out how to do something trivial, takes my attention off my target. And that pisses me off BIG time.
I'm fine with the command-line. I have used command-line interfaces since around 1982. Home computers like VIC 20, Commodore 64, and personal computers like Osborne, and PC's from 8088 to i7. I was comfortable with CP/M, MS-DOS, Xenix, BSD Unix, WAX, Coherent, QNX, Minix, Solaris, SCO Unix, Linux and Windows from version 2 to 7. And I'm also quite happy with X, KDE, and the Windows 7 graphical user interface. I've had a tablet PC for 7 years (Lenovo X60T) - so touching the user interface is not anything new for me. My phone is a Samsung Note II. So obviously, I'm fine with Android and modern touch interfaces. But the Frankenstein monster Microsoft has turned Windows 8 into is just  - frustrating. I want a touch interface when I do things like reading books, painting etc. Not when I write text or code. I have two big monitors, and the display of my laptop. All in high resolution. When I work, I use all three monitors, each with several (well arranged) open windows. I don't want to be limited to one "app" on each monitor. The idea of enforcing a tablet interface upon PC and laptop users is just totally stupid. And arrogant.

I have written loads of professional software for the “cloud”. I know Amazon AWS better than most. Before that I spent 20 years writing client/server software. I debuted on the Internet around 1986. I don't see any good reason for linking the PC user with a Microsoft account. Except for giving up privacy, of course. However – that is not my aim. I am not the product. And by the way - if I wanted to exploit my Privacy, I would have used Facebook – not Windows 8.

I was really annoyed when I discovered that Windows 8 “validated” a program I downloaded with Firefox, before it allowed it to start. Not only did it take 5 minutes of my life to sit and look at the spinning wheel (wondering what on earth was going on – using 5 minutes to launch a 10 MB executable from a SSD????) – but what in heavens does it concern Microsoft which files I download and run on my PC? If I wanted Microsoft to spy on me – I would have used their “Internet Explorer”. I deliberately chose to use something else – exactly for that reason (and of course because Internet Explorer has a rather bad track-record when it comes to security). For the record – I have written and maintained a professional firewall. I don't need or want Microsoft as my nanny.

But what annoys me most is the new User Experience. It's like Microsoft has turned it's back to all IT professionals and made a UI that's perfect as a child’s very first computer experience. However – their primary customers are not children. Most windows users already know how to use Windows XP. Many even know how to master Windows 7. Now, power users who are experts on a two-digit number of operating systems, needs to use Google (note - not Bing – they use Google) in order to execute simple tasks like enabling the file suffix in the file browser, or create a local user account. That's an annoyance.

My worst annoyance is however that Windows 8 some times makes me assault my laptop. It's fortunately a ThinkPad – so the only thing that has broken so far is a hard-disk. The first time this happened was when I was having a rare Skype conversation with a friend in another country. We were both on a busy schedule – but just when we were connected – Windows 8 decided that it was more important to upgrade. Without any option to abort or wait. It just started to upgrade, and then rebooted. The it started to count 1% ….......... 2% …........... 3% …........ And it never got any further before I switched it off and re-started. It started again 1% …......... 2% …........ I slammed the damn thing on the table a number of times, furious, since the time-slot we had to speak was rapidly shrinking. And after that, the only thing that laptop did, until I replaced the disk with a SSD, was to make funny noises.

But yesterday, I managed to use Windows 8 for nearly 2 hours without assaulting my laptop. It was not for lack of motivation – I wanted to throw the damn thing out of the window – but I'm getting better at anger control.. And now I'm so proud of myself - I just had to brag about it!