I did the mistake of upgrading the Android SDK and ADT. Stupid me!

Now I have no R (or any other generated files), a defunct project, and the prospect of spending the weekend wrestling with Googles bugs rather than having fun with my project. Don't they have QA at Google?

To add to my frustration, there are no other errors other than "R cannot be resolved to a variable". Nothing in the "Console" window. Nothing in the "Error Log" window.  Actually, it does not seem like Eclipse is keen on even attempting to compile my project.

Before the upgrade, everything worked.

When I started with my app, I realized that I spent 10 - 30% of the time struggling with Eclipse/ADT. I've worked with software engineering for almost 30 years, and I've never had such an overhead due to buggy developer environments. Never! Not even when I used beta C compilers in the early days of QNX or early versions of Visual Studio. This Android environment is a frakking nightmare!