WebEx is some crap software from Cisco that business people use to meet. (I have worked for a company that made such software - so I kind of know the technical challenges. WebEx is /crap/). I don't understand why a decent company like Cisco want to associate it's name with it. Well - their problem.

My problem is that I have to use the WebEx client for a presentation tonight. So, in order to set things up (under Windows - they don't provide a linux client), I wanted to opt in for the "free" subscription. You know - just so that I can install their proprietary binary program that makes their "web meeting" work. I don't understand why they can't link to a msi file so I can just install the client. Their normal work-flow seems to be that users spend the first 5 - 15 minutes of the meeting installing client software! (Idiots!)

Anyway, I was in a good mode, looking forward to tonights presentation. Now, 10 minutes later, I am furious. The fracking idiots can't even make a simple web page with a form on it! In order to fill in five text fields, I had to enable around 8 domains in NoScript. Even then it did not work. Eventually I just started a virtual machine with Linux just so I could disable all security and lay on my back like a 3$ whore on a Mexican Sailors Pub. Only then was I allowed to "register". But even there they F***cked up. I could not simply paste in a password from keepass, or my email. Oh no - that was blocked by some f***ing java-script stupidity. So in stead of a secure password, I expressed my frustration in FULL CAPS - something about the PM's mother I think.

Why do they need to make such simple things so fuc***ing frustrating?

- No respect for my privacy (need to enable known tracer domains)
- No respect for my time (Need to type password in stead of paste it)
- No respect for my security (Need to enable JavaScript and select a simple, typeable password)
- Captcha from hell (I needed 6 tries to get it right - because it was impossible to distinguish some upper-case letters from lower-case).

These things are so simple to avoid. Why are they avoiding best practice? Why are they treating potential customers with this kind of contempt?