Jgaa's Internet follow these privacy rules:

  • No user-information, except what is published on the web-page (like comments and public profile-information, if you create a user-profile) is shared with anyone, unless a court order valid in the Netherlands demands so. So far, this has never happened.
  • Any request to cooperate with agencies in secret - for any reason - including helping NSA to trace "terrorists" will be denied. I will rather go to jail!
  • No traffic-information, logs, email-addresses, names etc. have ever or will ever be sold to anyone.
  • Logs from the web-server are normally preserved for at least one year. These logs contain your IP-number and the URL you were requesting as well as the referring site.
  • WarCMS (the content management system) stores your IP number, browser version, request URL, referrer and statistics information in a database. This information is not deleted. The information is used for statistics-reports for the website, and to troubleshoot problems. Any hostile attacks on the system is also stored indefinitely for later investigation.
  • We use session-cookies only. That means that we don't identify you as a previous guest when you come back to the site, after having closed your web-browser.
  • We do not use Java-script, flash-cookies or any other methods to identify you or spy on you.
  • Google syndicate is not used here. That means that Google will not monitor your visit here.
  • Also, no images from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. is present, so these sites will not be able to track  your visit here by normal means.

In short, we respect your privacy, and take no active or passive action to spy on you. We do however keep records so that we, and only we, can make statistics reports and trace problems and hostile attacks. The information we store, is not and will never be, for sale.